All our cool rooms are really well equipped to make sure you have exactly what you need, whether you hire for a short or long term period.


Digital Temperature Monitoring

Located on the outside of the cool room, you will always be able to see the internal temperature of the unit.  Temperatures are set at Food Safety regulations however depending on your reason for hiring they are easily adjusted to suit your requirements. The lowest temperature setting is zero degrees.


Cooling Equipment Housing

Housing equipment is fitted to all our cool rooms as both a safety item to ensure the protection of staff, customers and bystanders. It also helps to keep the noise down and offers protection which helps to make the cooling equipment more reliable.


Emergency Button

All our cool rooms are fitted with an emergency button, this feature is there in-case you get locked inside the cool room. Simply press the button and the door will unlock to allow you to leave. You could call it a real life saver.


External Power Outlet

Each cool room comes with an external 240 volt power point and a 10 amp extension lead. The cool room has a built in safety switch and has been “test and tagged”


Wheel Lock

To ensure the safety of our cool room we provide you with a wheel clamp and strongly advice you use it at all times, and particularly when sitting at a site for some time.


Internal Lighting

All our cool rooms are fitted with an internal light to give you greater visibility either during the day or night.


Prompt Delivery

Due to their size and weight, we will deliver and pick up the cool room for you to meet your schedule. A small delivery and pick up fee may apply depending on how far you are from our depot on the Surf Coast.


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