Cool Rooms Rental Terms and Conditions

Our cool rooms rental agreement requires a 50% deposit to secure your booking and payment in full prior to delivering your cool room. A valid Drivers Licence and one other form of identity (e.g. Medicare, Bank Card) is required.

Cool Rooms Minimum Rental Period

The minimum rental period is for 2 days hire. Your cool room will be delivered by 9am on the 1st day and picked up by 9am on the morning after your 2nd day of hire or as agreed otherwise.

Towing Cool Rooms

Towing  is not permitted. Your cool room will be delivered and placed where requested and picked up upon completion of the hire period.


It will be the hirers responsibility to obtain all necessary local council permits. 

Damage & Theft

Our cool rooms are not insured. In the event of damage or loss you will be liable for the full cost of repair or replacement to our cool room and any third party property involved. Every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of our cool room against theft, by providing a wheel lock and coupling lock with every rental, please ensure they are fitted correctly.