Falls Festival the aftermath

By May 27th, 2015News

In 2014 Blue Box Cool Rooms was asked to supply mobile cool rooms for food vendors at the Lorne Falls Festival

We dropped the cool rooms off on Friday and picked them up on the Monday. The scenes that I witnessed when picking up the cool rooms can be described in one word “different”.

Lorne Falls Festival brief history

The Lorne Falls Festival first kicked off in 1993, being a small one day event held in Lorne, Victoria, Australia. It was first named Rock Above The Falls. and drew a healthy crowd of 11,000 people, far exceeding the organisers expectations. It quickly grew needing the organisers to negotiate the use of adjoining land to accommodate the crowds.

In 1995, the event became a 2 day festival and in 1996 a name change saw it become The Falls Music & Arts Festival. In 1996 the festival was relocated to Torquay due to bad weather.

As the Falls Festival grew, 2003 saw the event held in both Lorne and Marion Bay in Tasmania with a 3rd site, Byron Bay added in 2013.