Tips when hiring a cool room:

By May 26th, 2015News

So you’ve decided to cater for your event and want to keep your food and drinks at an optimum temperature for service and food safety. What are your options?

Hiring a cool room of course. Here are some things to consider so that your event goes off without a hitch. 

Make sure you hire from a reputable supplier.

Furthest from your mind right now is your safety and the potential for an accident to end your event. Check the safety features of your coolroom. Are power leads all tested and tagged by a qualified electrician? Are the steps for the cool room sturdy and not a tripping hazard? Is there an internal door release in case it closes whilst you’re inside? Is it a 10 amp cool room suitable for standard power points as 15 amp may overload your power source?   Is the power unit lockable to avoid tampering?

How to best store your goods.

Having sufficient and adjustable shelving will enable you to efficiently store your items no matter their size and provide optimum use of the area inside your mobile refrigeration. When storing cartons or slabs, keep them away from walls for better circulation and quicker cooling. Food should be stored on shelves for hygeine and easy access.

Refrigerate your items well before you serve.

Food or drinks that are yet to be refrigerated can take many hours to be brought to optimum temperature for serving.   Be certain to have the mobile cool room delivered at least a few hours before your event commences, if not the night before, to allow time to stock the cool room and bring the items to the correct temperature to serve. Purchasing your drinks and having them delivered cold will save time as they can take several hours to refrigerate.

Position in a safe and easily accessible place.

Make sure the site is level and no more than 25 metres from a power point. Give consideration to where you will be preparing and serving your food and drinks. A lockable coolroom will allow you to store your goods outside and remain safe and secure prior to your event. If setting up inside a garage, make certain the cool room you select will fit under your roller door and that once in position is stable with wheels chocked.

Be mindful of good hygiene practices when storing and serving food.

Guests becoming sick due to incorrect storage or handling of food can be avoided by following these storage and handling tips:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling food.
  • Keep your food at a minimum temperature of 4 degrees or cooler prior to serving.
  • Use separate utensils including knives, tongs, spoons and cutting boards for meats, salads and vegetables.

Be extra vigilant with refrigerating high risk foods at the correct temperature such as raw and cooked meat (including chicken and turkey), dairy products, eggs and their related products, cold meats (ham, salami etc.), seafood, along with prepared salads and foods.

To avoid cross-contamination, always separate raw & cooked foods.

Hiring a cool room with an adjustable temperature control allows the cool room to be used for a number of applications including the safe storage of food, drinks and flowers. Having the flexibility of adjusting the temperature will provide the ability of setting the cool air flow at a safe and optimum temperature for the goods stored.

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